Bara Gwin performs Breton music at full tempo and full volume, with daring and imagination. We believe that the music of Brittany is as significant and distinctive as other great musical genres of universal appeal such as tango or jazz. 

‘Bara Gwin’ is a Breton term for ‘food and drink’ that gave rise to the French word ‘baragouin’. Baragouin, originally a contemptuous reference to Breton, means in French: outlandish unintelligible speech, incomprehensible language, gibberish.


Sona (Chromatic Accordion, Piano) began musical study and performance at a prodigiously young age. Although she spent years as a symphonic oboe player, she eventually found her way to the accordion in her previous group, the Splendour Girls. Her relaxed and joyful stage presence, impressive musicianship and phenomenal talent with composition and arrangement are essential ingredients in our sound.


Daniel (Bass, Electronics) trained on the piano, guitar, and cello in his youth but eventually focused on the bass. He has a keen ear for solid accompaniment and arrangement, with the rare ability to provide counterpoint at just the right moment before ‘dropping back into the pocket’. Daniel's wide-ranging influences include diverse musical genres such as jazz, rock, electronic music and classical. Daniel was recently heard to say, “I’ve made it a goal to be process-oriented”.


Ron (Woodwinds) is first and foremost a bombard (Breton oboe) player but has created a new sound with the use of the tarogato, a modern single-reed (but still oboe-like) instrument originally from eastern europe. Ron first discovered Breton music as an adolescent… It was love at first listen!

Sona Greenberg, accordeon chromatique
Daniel Casado, basse et programmation
Ron Reed, talabard, tarogato