We’re very busy in the recording studio and aren’t actively looking to play out at the current time. If you have an interesting proposition, however, feel free to contact us!


The New Sound: 

We are finally recording our first CD, The New Sound. This recording is envisioned as a groundbreaking effort with original material, lavish production, a rich graphic environment, and text in english, breton, and french. We are thrilled to see this project move forward. 


We’re always interested in playing as a quartet. The most likely option is a second melody instrument such as a violin, trumpet or even saxophone to play call and response with our double and single-reed player. It’s necessary to know how to play your instrument quite well. Another option might be for a skilled drummer with some jazz technique, playing a full kit.

Regular time is spent in the recording studio. The parts are intricate and frequently swing. Regular rehearsals are a must! Bara Gwin is a serious artistic outlet but is not intended to be a significant revenue source at this time. Those who know us might describe the Pros and Cons like this:

Pros: sophisticated and evocative music, nice, dedicated people, stable band situation. 

Cons: Not easy to play, requires work, doesn’t particularly pay.

Ar Son Nevez
Musician Wanted