The music resumes: 

The Covid pandemic quashed all full-band activities for almost two years. 

The band is now fully vaccinated and rehearsals and recording have gotten back underway. Some ‘keeper’ tracks for our first recording, glaz, are already in the can… Since we have almost two CDs of material, CD number two, Trip to Stang, is also on the horizon… 

Will we resume playing out? Probably not for a while? We are, for better or worse, not amongst the many who pretend that covid is over and can’t hurt you… The omicron variant ensures that all performances in enclosed spaces are potentially quite catchy, so it’s probably recordings only for now. If you want to put on a dance, contact us and we can talk…


We’re always interested in playing as a quartet. To do that we’d have to, you know, add another person. 

One option is a second melody instrument such as a violin, trumpet or even electric guitar to play call and response with our double and single-reed player. Another option might be for a skilled drummer with some jazz and rock technique, playing a full kit. It’s necessary to know how to play your instrument quite well. We’d really like a drummer to lay down tracks on some of these recordings.

Pros: sophisticated and evocative music, nice, dedicated people, stable band situation. 

Cons: Not easy to play, requires work, doesn’t particularly pay.

Ar Son Nevez
Bara Gwin - Glaz cover art