Private Show - Annual Meeting of the SNCA Seattle/Nantes Sister City Association - Sunday, November 19.

Side Rail Collective - Saturday, August 12, 2023

Set 1: 5:00 to 5:35   Set 2: 6:00 to 6:35

We're going to play a couple of sets at the Side Rail Collective's "A COOL SUMMER BREEZE" art show opening reception. 

Side Rail Collective: 5511 1/2 Airport Way South Seattle, WA 98108 

Recruitment Drive:

We’re very interested in expanding the band! To do that we’d have to, you know, add more people. We/you are: a solid musician, stable, enjoy collaborating in a friendly and respectful environment, willing to practice and rehearse on a regular basis, interested in performing and recording, fully vaccinated against COVID 19, politically progressive. Both jazz and rock chops are a plus! We have a unique sound derived from a deep immersion in this genre and infuse complex compositions with diverse influences while remaining 101% true to the Breton core.

What instruments: drum-kit, sax, violin, electric guitar, cello, bass, trumpet, biniou, others... 

Pros: sophisticated and evocative music, nice, dedicated people, stable band situation. 

Cons: Not easy to play, requires work, doesn’t particularly pay.

Ar Son Nevez
Bara Gwin - Glaz cover art