Saturday, November 3rd 2018, 7:30 pm:

Kenyon Hall, 7904 35th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98126

A special “Klez Meets Breizh” show with our Klezmer friends Malke & the Boychiks!! They describe themselves: “Malke and the Boychiks are Seattle's premier traditional klezmer band. Consisting of grizzled klez veterans Marc Smason (of Mazeltones, the Oy-sters, and numerous other bands) and Peter Lippman (who founded Seattle's first klezmer band way back in a previous century); semi-grizzled Kim and Nancy Goldov of Freylekh Klezmer Orchestra fame; and completely un-grizzled parvenue and ingenue Theodora Teodosiadis.

Employing fiddle, trombone, drums, piano, trumpet, and vocals, we specialize in rousing freylekhs, bulgars, and shers, as well as lugubrious doinas, and an occasional Yiddish torch song, from the American heyday of klezmer before World War II. We love that old stuff...but this being the century that it is, well, some of our jazz and other influences periodically creep in. For more, see our Facebook page.”


Reserved table seats are $14 each. Row seats are $12 general and $10 seniors. With a reservation, row seating is only $10 general and $8 seniors. High school, middle school, and elementary school students are $5.


For reservations for the show, call (206) 937-3613 or e-mail You'll receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. Tickets are also available at the door.


For more information and pictures, please visit 


Spring 2019:

Fest Noz Québec!!

Details TBA… !



The New Sound: 

We are finally recording our first CD, The New Sound. This recording is envisioned as a groundbreaking effort with original material, lavish production, a rich graphic environment, and text in english, breton, and french. We are thrilled to see this project move forward. 


Fest Noz Québec?:

We are in the planning stages for a Fest Noz (dance) show in Québec city for springtime 2019! Plans include a shared bill with major players from overseas. Details TBA



We’re looking for a skilled drummer with jazz and rock chops for recording and live performances. Regular time is spent in the recording studio. The parts are intricate and frequently swing. Regular rehearsals are a must! Bara Gwin is a serious artistic outlet but is not intended to be a significant revenue source at this time. Those who know us might describe the Pros and Cons like this:

Pros: sophisticated and evocative music, nice, dedicated people, stable band situation. 

Cons: Not easy to play, requires work, doesn’t particularly pay.

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Drummer Wanted
Drummer Wanted